Embracing The Valley

When we’re in the valley, we just can’t wait until God allows us that first footstep UP and on our way out of it.  After a recent visit to the valley, God was/is showing me the purpose of time in valley.

We may experience sadness and God will grow in us compassion.
We may experience sickness and find that God will heal.
We may experience betrayal and we find full friendship/relationship in Christ.
We may experience silence and result in diligently seeking to hear His voice.
We may experience need and become more dependent on Him.
We may experience disappointment God meets us with hope.
We may experience fear and hear Him speak gently, “Peace, be still.”
We may experience lacking and see how God always provides.
We may experience unrest and find that He is our Rest.
We may experience insecurity and see that He is our Security.
We may experience conflict and find peace in Him.
We may experience doubt and watch Him increase our faith.

The valley is a time for growth.  It’s a perfect recipe; right atmosphere, good sunlight, even needed rain/moisture.  Embrace the valley.  Embrace the work God is doing in you/me in the valley.  Embrace the growth.  The grass isn’t greener on the other side. No, it’s greener in the valley ‘cuz that’s God’s greenhouse.  Don’t miss what God wants to grow there.


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