More Than 140 Characters…

Well, I need more than 140 characters to share an update after my boy Joey’s surgery today.   Overall, everything went GREAT.  We are so thankful for our many friends and family – your prayers, words of encouragement, texts, tweets etc. checking on us and even visits!!

Let me just preface this with what Joey told me last night, “Mom, it’s ok if my surgery doesn’t go well because maybe that’s God’s plan for my life.”  What in the world?  Love his faith!

Joey was a TROOPER today!  He was all smiles all morning after arriving at the hospital. We were so thankful to have our friend Denise as his nurse (THANKS DENISE!)

Rearing to go!

Gettin’ his schnazzy gown on…

Getting to watch Karate Kid (The Will Smith Kid one) while waiting for doctor.

At just before 8:30 they came in to say they were ready for him.  We prayed with him and watched them wheel him away as we were directed to the waiting room.  *Yes, I had a moment*.

About an hour and a half later, we were paged that the doctor was ready to meet with us.  He said the surgery went GREAT, showed us the pictures of his reconstructed foot, answered all of our questions and discussed the follow up.

Check out the ‘bullet’ in Joey’s foot!

We heard the nurses weren’t going to release him to us because they were going to take him home :). He had won them over. After waiting another 15 minutes, Denise came to get us because Joey was starting to wake up.  Joey looked like heck and was already crying in pain *break a Mama’s heart*.  They gave him some meds and cozy warm blankets. Then, they wheeled him back downstairs and he fell back asleep.  Each time he woke up he was ready to go home… and finally we were on our way.

Since we’ve been home he’s pretty comfortable… as long as he’s not moving and also distracted (movies, xbox, friends…). He’s only been up once and wasn’t ready to use crutches because having his foot down hurt too much so Daddy carried him to the bathroom.  One good thing about him being a peanut :).  We’ve prayed several times and Joey asked me to read to him from the Bible.  He knows where his strength is going to come for this bump in the road!  However, he has stated about a dozen times that he doesn’t want to have another surgery (they will do his other foot in about five weeks), so if you don’t mind, please be praying specifically for that.

We’ve rearranged our house a bit for this recovery… I’m sharing my “green chair” with Joey and we’ve moved that into the Family Room and brought the TV upstairs to the main floor (it’s kinda nice :)).  He’s got plenty of candy to get him through, and some colorful balloons to brighten his spirit!!

Chillin’ on the GREEN CHAIR!

Pray for:

  • Quick healing
  • These couple of days to fly by for him
  • Us to rely on His strength (especially Joey)
  • Joey to be able to get up a little bit tomorrow (with crutches)

Thank you so much for your prayers. The Lord has been gracious to hold us close throughout it all!


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