A Few of my Favorite Things

Each one of these could be a blog post in and of itself – but I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things:

Couponing: Well, I’ve already told you about couponing here and here, so sorry for being redundant ~ but I still love it.  My grocery budget loves it.  My family loves it.  Even my doggies are reaping the benefits of it!  It is so fun getting things for next to nothing and sometimes downright FREE!  I haven’t done too many ‘money makers’ yet… but I know they’re out there and that’s a goal out there for me :).

Financial Peace: I also blogged about that earlier here, but if you have never taken Dave Ramsey‘s Financial Peace University… YOU HAVE TO!  We have learned so much about personal finances.  We are growing in our marriage (and as a family) as we work out our budget and financial plan (buh-bye debt!) and God is really challenging us to evaluate this area of our lives.

Emma made the comment, “Mom, with us doing coupons and Dave Ramsey, we’re gonna be RICH!”  Ha ha! Love that girl!  Well, we are already rich by global standards and as children of God – but the more we learn, grow and are blessed in these areas, the more we are able to bless others… and THAT, my friends is the definition of being RICH!

Weight Watchers: Money isn’t the only area we needed some discipline.  Kevin and I joined Weight Watchers on December 3rd.  We had no idea, but that was the day they launched their new Points Plus Program. If you’ve ever done WW before, or even if you haven’t, it’s totally different.  With Points Plus, you can eat all the fruits and most veggies… and NOT have to count them!  That means, when hunger comes, you can have some grapes, or a banana and hold that hunger off ’til the next meal.  It’s a sweet plan and SO easy to follow. Kevin and I decided we needed the accountability of a program like this and have been successful so far.  If that’s something you face, I recommend Weight Watchers for you too!

Finally, some of my favorite things really aren’t THINGS at all.  They’re some ladies I’ve met through a pastor’s wife network and Twitter. Meet Heather, a PW in Florida turning a dying church into an ALIVE church!  Love her heart and her encouragement! Then there’s Melissa. Another uber-encourager who is venturing out into this crazy church-planting world! Next meet Amy ~ a fellow coffee-drinkin’, sushi-lovin’, church planter wife who, at the risk of sounding redundant AGAIN, is a great encouragement.  I’m thankful getting to know these ladies and several others via FB, Twitter and blogs.

So, there ya have it, a few of my favorite things right now… How about you?  What are a few of YOUR favorite things??


2 thoughts on “A Few of my Favorite Things

  1. I did Weight Watchers after my first was born and will definitely be signing up for it again come August – loved it and it worked great for me! And, I second Amy as a favorite! 🙂


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