Well, hello there!

Hey Friends!  Have been doing a lot of writing, but not blogging… but I thought I’d stop in there to say HEY!  Got lots of blog posts half written, but none are passing the “will post” test (halted by either me or God :)).  Sometimes things are IN PROCESS, and that definitely describes me and where I’m at… IN PROCESS.  Ready to be on the other side of the process and jump all over giving God the glory He deserves.  For now, suffice it to say I give Him glory for the process.

If you understood any of that – Lord, bless you!  I do have a ‘favorite thing’ blog coming soon… maybe this week??

Also, wanted to do a quick prayer request shout out for my son, Joey. I debated about sharing this all over the world wide web (does anyone call it that anymore??), but would really like some prayer for my little guy.  He’s had feet issues since he was a toddler ~ crying about his feet hurting etc.  We’ve mentioned it to the Dr. over the years, but have always attributed his foot pain to flat feet, growing pains etc. We recently took him to a specialist and his feet are in fact deformed… He will start wearing orthotics tomorrow and may possibly be facing surgery early this summer.  He is experiencing a lot of anxiety about all of this, so that’s my main prayer request ~ that He senses God’s peace throughout this trial, learns to cast his care on Him and develops trust for a God who loves him so much.  Also for healing, of course, and for God to be all over it if he has to have surgery.

How about you?  How can I pray for you these days?


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