Have It All Together

There is this fine balance when God has placed you in any sort of spiritual leadership. Balance?  Maybe tension is a better word…

Paul sets the bar for us Christians when he says in 1 Cor 11:1, “Be imitators of me, as I also am of Christ.”  He says it again in Phil. 3:17 where he actually extends an invitation to use him as an example.  That can hold some serious pressure ya’ll.

Then, you have the song by Stacie Orrico “Don’t Look At Me” which includes these lyrics:

Don’t look at me if you’re looking for perfection. Don’t look at me I will only let you down.  I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction…

But people can’t meet all your expectations
Still some can teach you things about the love He brings
Just know the source of life is in the Savior

Look at me.  Don’t look at me. Look at me.  Don’t look at me.

I want to walk worthy of the calling I have received (Eph.4.1). I want my life to be an example where I can boldly say because of Christ in me, “Be imitators of me as I also am of Christ.”  I want to “make every effort to take hold of” spiritual maturity (Phil. 3:12) that God has called me to. AND, I want grace in the process.  Just like Paul said in the next verse, vs. 13 from the Message, “I’m not saying I have this all together”.

Let’s encourage one another to walk worthy of the calling we’ve received as Christians, but also give grace to each other that we’re NOT going to ‘arrive’ to perfection as long as we’re still on this earth.

We can point you to the One who has.

I’ll lead you to the One I found
He’ll give you everything you need

-Stacie Orrico




One thought on “Have It All Together

  1. I often find myself in this struggle…look at me…don’t look at me. EEK! Love that song.
    And yes! I will check in with ya about WW. So glad to hear someone else who is doing it! So proud of you for that 14!!! WOOW!! It’s my first week & so far so good. It’s an obedience problem for me. Need to let it go!! Blessings my friend!


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