A Great Day…

Today was a GREAT day.  You may ask, “What’s the big deal about that?”  I’ll tell ya’ what the big deal is… Jesus.

If you recall – I declared a WORD for 2011. SIMPLIFY.  Well, wouldn’t ya’ know… God gives ya’ a word – Satan tries to snatch it from ya’.

Since the beginning of 2011 –

  • I got some new responsibilities at work
  • I had three kiddos involved in three different sports teams
  • We started a Saturday Night Service
  • I got some new responsibilities at church
  • 3 kiddos, a hubby and 2 dogs (wait, I had those before 2011…)
  • Do you really want me to list everything?  I mean, really!

Ay! Ay! Ay! While I have been able to simplify in SOME areas in my life… there are days I wonder if we’re making any progress…

But, today was a great day. No, it wasn’t a not-busy day. (Is that a triple negative???)  In fact, ’round here – Tuesdays are one of the busy days. But here are some things the Lord did to bless me with HIS GRACE today:

  • Woke me up without hitting snooze 10 times
  • Uninterrupted – Non-rushed – Extended quiet time (MY FAV)
  • A smooth morning gettin’ everyone ready (when does THAT happen??) AND the hubs wasn’t even here for that
  • A good and productive morning at work AND with the work I’m doing now… got to listen to some tunes while working (Thank You, Jesus!)
  • A doctors appointment that I was in and out within 25 mins (UNHEARD OF)
  • Extra time to get some things done I was going to need to RUSH to do later
  • Time to do my coupon spending at KROGER
  • Home with the kiddos for a smooth afternoon (double miracle after a smooth morning AND it’s Tuesday!)
  • Enjoyable, non-rushed, delicious dinner with the kiddos (that I didn’t have to cook)
  • Unexpected wonderful surprise! GO GOD!
  • Blessed time at Bible Study with the GIRLS
  • Evening routine… sorry for sounding redundant, but… smooth :).
  • Time to read…

Ahhhh!  See – if it were just me… I would be stressed and anxious.  That’s how I know God’s all over this.  He is peace and life. Thank You, Jesus. What You call this lil’ girl to, You give the GRACE, STRENGTH and even stretch the minutes to do it. You’re so good like that :).

Tomorrow – not so busy – but even so, I know He’s faithful to give grace again.


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