Financial Peace ~Holla!~

Holla!  (I love that word!)  My One Word 2011 is Simplify and one area the Grubbies want to simplify is our FiNaNcEs.  We’ve been ‘on a budget’ for several years now… but even late last fall our emergencies outweighed our ‘Emergency Fund.”  We’re so excited to FINALLY be able to attend a Financial Peace University class (taught by Dave Ramsey) and tighten up the ship a bit so that doesn’t happen again.  Ray and Barb Linn will be teaching FPU at LifePoint on Sundays after church starting February 13th (with a free preview on Sun. Jan. 30th).  We’re gonna potluck lunch it throughout these 13 weeks… yet ANOTHER way to save some $$$ ~ so it will be convenient for anyone to stay.  Childcare will be provided as well. (Holla!)

The cost is $93/couple or single. WHAT?!?!?!  $93.00!!!???!!!  Now, before you flip at that number, that averages out to $7.15 per class.  Included in that number is Dave’s Total Money Makeover book, your workbooks and materials, and audio CDs.   Wait, that’s not all… Once you’ve taken an FPU class for $93, you can retake it as many times as you want for FREE anywhere.  Hold on, there’s more!  You’ll have access to many helpful online financial tools… for-EH-ver.  And to that I say, “Holla!”

So, c’mon.  Aren’t you sick of living paycheck to paycheck?  Do you want to control your money, or do you want it to control you?  Let’s learn what God has to say about debt and budgeting.  Let’s Do This Thang!

According to Dave;

There are over 800 scriptures in the bible about money…”

You’ll learn to “live like no one else and you’ll be able to GIVE like no one else!”

I’m excited and I hope you are too!! You can register HERE.  Choose our zip code (45840) and then LifePoint Community Church OR you can register at LifePoint.


7 thoughts on “Financial Peace ~Holla!~

  1. By the way, @kevingrub was a little concerned at the Urban Dictionary’s definition of HOLLA!, but, I just want to clarify, we are using it in the text of definition #4 which says, “interj. 1. an exclamation of greeting. 2. an exclamation used to show excitement or enthusiasm. verb. 1. to call. 2. to summon”.


  2. I’d really love to do the class. Can I still sign up if I can’t make it to each class? I work some weekends. When does the fee need to be paid by? I could really use this with all the money I owe in student loans.


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