10 Million Dollars

Hey dude who gave $$$10 MILLION dollars to the BGSU Basketball Program – I know of a couple of other ‘basketball programs’ if you’d like to donate to… 🙂

I don’t mean to be mean or judgmental… BUT (I know… I know… when you say BUT, you erase everything else you just said, but) 10 million dollars to a basketball program????  ReAlLy??? Which, by the way, was the “largest gift in the university’s history”.  Well, duh!

The right thing for me to do is just worry about how I spend or don’t spend my money (according to Matthew 7:1).  So, I’ll go back to my own business now…

Did I mention that 22,000 poor – broke – college students gave 1.2 MILLION dollars to strike out poverty, provide clean drinking water, smack injustice, build homes, sponsor children (and on and on) in the DO SOMETHING NOW center at Passion 2011??  Now, Findlay Courier…  THAT’S A STORY.


2 thoughts on “10 Million Dollars

  1. Amen!! Let’s hear more stories like that one and focus on money that will make an enternal impact. That’s the score board I want to put my points on!


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