Bible Studies!!

Ever wanted to read the Bible but didn’t know where to begin? Are you looking for a Bible Study to join? Do you want to know WHY you believe what you believe?  Are you even sure you believe or don’t even know what there IS to believe?  Well, we’d like to help.  There are several opportunities available to fit your schedule, your needs and comfort level…

1) Ladies’ Bible Study: LifePoint Ladies Bible Study is kicking off its Winter Session next Tuesday (1/25) at 6:30pm with Paul and the Philippians… (two p’s, 1 l, thanks spell-check!). All you need to bring is a Bible and a Notebook.  Some of my greatest times of personal study have been when I just read my bible, jotted down what the passage was saying and how it applied to my life. Just me, my Bible and my Teacher (the Holy Spirit).  This winter, the LifePoint ladies are going to do just that.  We’ll discover just how intimidating the bible isn’t.  We’ll see how to study our Bible when we’re not in a “Bible Study”.  Join us as our Teacher shows us glorious nuggets from His precious word.

2). LifeGroups – If you attend LifePoint, or even another church in the area, but are not connected with a small group, we invite you to join.  Currently, LifePoint has groups that meet Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings and Thursday evenings.  EMAIL JAIME for more information.  We are studying from The Discipleship Ministry, understanding the basics of our faith ~in these groups we are being disciples and making disciples~ it’s a WIN-WIN.

3) One on One – Maybe you’re not comfortable with a group setting.  That’s understandable.  I’d love to meet with you one-on-one to study the Bible. Email me for more information.

4) Estudios Bíblicos en español! Si tienes interés, podemos tener estudios bíblicos en español y me encantaría formar un Grupo de Estudio o encontrarnos uno-a-uno estudiar la Biblia en español. Mándame un email ( para mas información.

So, there you have it!  Let’s study God’s word together in 2011!!


Any thoughts??

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