I’m the Head Usher, Mom!

So, recently Joey has taken an interest in serving at LifePoint.  Christmas Eve, he assisted one of the ushers.  Then, this past week he said he wanted to be an usher again.  The kind ushers at LP graciously took Joey under their wing this weekend and let Joey help in this area.  He came to me and declared, “I’m the head usher, Mom!”  That dude took his job seriously! HA!

It was fun to see him take an interest in serving.   Our girlies have been serving since day 1, and Joey has done many things to help with extra activities at LP, but these are his first steps to serving within the church.  And that makes me smile. 🙂


One thought on “I’m the Head Usher, Mom!

  1. we must be like the children, and we must not hinder them… Therefore, the way I see it is, we, have much to learn from joey – a true servant leader.

    You go Joey G!


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