Christmas Letter and New Year’s Rez…

Ok – so when we were new in ministry (Youth Pastor/Missionary years) we did NOT have the money for paper, let alone stamps for Christmas Cards. So I got out of the habit of sending them… I LOVE receiving Christmas Cards, Family Letters and Photo Cards etc, but haven’t sent any out for the last 5-6 years or so.  Today, that all changes :).  I’m going to do a cyber-letter today (a lil’ late ~ better late than never) but have decided this is my New Year’s Resolution: 1) Get family pictures taken in 2011 and 2) Send Christmas cards in 2011.

So here goes… a Grubinski Christmas Letter:

Hello family and friends,

Hope 2010 was a blessing in your journey!  The Grubbies, well at least Kevin and Kendra, are starting and ending 2010 the same way – attending the PASSION conference with our BGSU Crosswalk students.  It’s an amazing conference with some amazing students, some amazing speakers, some amazing worship and our Amazing God!  We are so blessed to be able to serve Jesus at BGSU with these students.  Kevin leads this ministry which meets weekly on Tuesdays on the campus of BGSU.  God is moving at BGSU and it’s awesome to get to join Him in this work.

Crosswalk also takes a yearly Spring Mission Trip!  Emma was pumped that she got to join Kevin on this trip this year.  They went to Greenville, South Carolina where they did light construction, worked in a kids’ ministry and ministered at a facility for the elderly.  Emma turned 10 while on this trip and was spoiled by 30 college students.  She ate it up!

Julia also got to go on a mission trip this year. She joined Kendra and led a group (again from Crosswalk) to the Dominican Republic in May.  It was great taking her back there, to see where she spent most of 2004 and 2005.  She jumped right in, playing with the kids, chatting with the SCORE staff and of course hitting the beach!  The team did orphanage ministry, village ministry and evangelism.  God worked in and through each of us on this trip!!

Back on the homefront, LifePoint celebrated its 2nd birthday in 2010.  This was a year of growth for our church, not just in numbers, but young Christians growing spiritually (old Christians growing spiritually :)) and new leaders being developed.  It’s amazing to see how God has weaved His people together with their gifts, abilities and passions to bring God glory and further His kingdom.  We now have three full time employees, two of which are raising support for their ministries.  Stop by and meet them here.  Peep Drop 2010 overwhelmed us with over 5000 people showing up!  Yes, we are already better prepared for 2011. LifePoint also got to help with a roof project on the south side of Toledo, had another successful year of GiftMart, painting/construction projects in Findlay.  It’s such a blessing to partner with different peeps in the community to build… community!

As a family, we enjoyed a fun camping trip in August to the Indiana Dunes and Jellystone Park!  Even though we practically slept under the turnpike – ha ha – we had fun hiking, swimming, relaxing and even shopping!   We also enjoyed a Cedar Point day (thanks to the RightThing where Kendra went back to work part-time in April), Kings Island (thanks to Julia/Emma’s girl scout troup), and other fun, family stuff!

The kiddos all played basketball this year.  Julia and Emma played Grey-Y and Joey played Upwards.  Then, Julia and Emma played FastPitch softball – which they both LOVED and Kevin coached Joey’s little league baseball team.  We all love spending our summer afternoons in the sun playing ball!!  This fall, Julia became the team manager for Liberty Benton’s 7th grade basketball team and is having a blast traveling with the team, keeping the scorebook and running the clock.  Joey and Emma played fall Grey-Y Basketball (Kevin ended up coaching BOTH of those teams this fall).  Now, Joey’s gearing up for another Upwards season and Emma’s gearing up for the Winter Session of Grey-Y.

Speaking of Liberty Benton – the kiddos went back to public school this fall.  Julia is in middle school, 7th grade, and Emma and Joey are in the elementary school (5th and 3rd respectively).  They are doing GREAT.  The transition couldn’t have gone better and they all LOVE school!  We’re so proud of their hard work!

This year wrapped up with a wonderful Christmas!  What fun to ring in Christmas with a little rum-pa-pum-pum, lights and an awesome Christmas message at LifePoint!!  If you missed it, check it all out here. Then we spent time with friends, family and even got to enjoy a couple of days of downtime (what’s that??).

Looking forward to all that 2011 will bring.  Each years brings joys and trials but through it all, God is faithful!  Pray you are blessed this year and that God meets you exactly where you are.

~Happy New Year from The Grubinskis~


Any thoughts??

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