Bloody Fingers

Ok – this post is WAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY late… but I’m going to share it anyways.  Back in November (like that was so long ago…) Joey was in the district-wide talent show.  He didn’t sing.  He didn’t dance.  He didn’t do what people normally do in a talent show.  No, he told a story.  A ScArY (silly-scary) story.  We are so proud of him for practicing, having the nerve to get in front of all those people and doing a GREAT job with his story… “Bloody Fingers”.  I don’t have a good video of him performing, but I hope when I receive the professional video that I’ll be able to share it.  Instead, I’ll share some pictures…

This is the “Mom it’s not cool to take pictures of me before the show” shot 🙂

Joey, on the phone with BLOODY FINGERS… MUAH HA HA!!

Relaxin after his 1st performance 🙂

Waiting to get his Certificate for Participation and hear the winners…

Still waiting…

It was a late night and Joey kept yawning and rubbing his eyes…

Finally, they announced the winners… (Drumroll please!!)  Joey was one of the four Elementary participants chosen to go the finals the next night, perform with the High-Schoolers and be in the running for a PRIZE !$!

The next night – Joey did GREAT.  One would say he brought his A-GAME :).

He ended up winning 2nd place and won a prize of $30!!!

As you can see… he was VERY happy about that!!


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