Cutting Corners

Today Kevin and I are giving the kiddos the day off of chores (didn’t plan on it, but just started cleaning… and voila!), and we tackled some good ol’ fashioned housework this morning :).  Kevin took to shining up the kitchen floor and I tackled the dusting and sweeping in the Family Room and Living Room.  While I was dusting, however, I found several non-visible surface areas that hadn’t been dusted in WEEKS.  There were cobwebs, dust, dog hair and who knows what else.

I paused for a moment and the Lord brought to my mind the phrase “Cutting Corners.”  Yeah, someone’s been cutting corners when it’s their turn to dust the past few weeks, but I was thinking more about our spiritual lives.  How often do we cut corners in regards to our walk with Christ.  We may throw up a quickie prayer here and there, go to church on Sundays and crack open a couple pages of a devotional book – but there is no SHORTCUT to growing spiritually. It is an investment.  There is no substitute to deep, meaningful, insightful time in God’s Word and in Prayer. When we cut corners, we get cobwebs, dog hair, dust and who knows what else creeping into the vulnerable areas in our lives.  Ephesians 6 isn’t just about a cute soldier guy dressing for a fairy tale battle.  It’s about the war that is raging every day versus our flesh and the darkness around us.

So I challenge you and me today.  Let’s not cut corners.  Turn off the tv, close the laptop and bury the phone until you’ve spent time with the One who can clear away those cobwebs and rejoice in the cleansing He provides.


Any thoughts??

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