You! Follow Me!

How many times do we tell our children, “Worry about yourself”  or “I didn’t ask what so-and-so is or isn’t doing” or “You are responsible for you”  or “I didn’t ask so-and-so to do this, I asked YOU” and on and on???

God says the same thing to us, as believers, throughout scripture.  Most recently, as my mind was swirling, my pulse was quickening and emotions rising over what someone was or wasn’t doing, God brought to my mind this story from John 21:

Jesus had been dead, but is alive again, and He’s hanging out with the disciples – you know, doing all the things you would do after being dead and now alive… fishing, hanging out by the fire, grabbin’ a bite to eat.  It was all fun and games until the conversation turned to the future.  A grave future.  How Peter would die. Peter, in typical Peter fashion, didn’t camp there very long, ‘cuz if he had to suffer he wanted to know what everyone else was going to have to do to glorify God.

(Hear the children shouting, “It’s not fair!” and “What about so and so?” and “I cleaned up the dog poop yesterday!”)

Peter asks, “Lord—what about him?”

This is where warm-fuzzy Jesus becomes firm TRUTH (in LOVE)…  His reply, “What is that to you?” The Amplified Version adds in parentheses, “What concern is it of yours?”

What concern is it of yours?

He continues, “You follow me!”

See, Jesus didn’t tell us to worry about everyone else, what they’re doing or not doing, what they believe or don’t believe, what they participate in or don’t participate in.  Nope, His simple, yet firm command is just to FOLLOW HIM.  If they’re a believer, then they too have the Holy Spirit, and unless He chooses to use lead you to speak truth to someone, He probably has it all under control and doesn’t need our help :).  We can, though, bring those concerns to Him – which is where they belong anyways.  Or maybe, it bothers us so much because God’s trying to teach/show us something…  I don’t know.  But what I do know is that He wants me to worry about what He’s called me to be, do and believe.

Apparently I needed to be reminded of that – so maybe there’s someone else that needed that reminder too.


Any thoughts??

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