Because I’m the Pastor’s Wife

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard in the past 16 months things like, “Of course, she’s the Pastor’s wife.” Or “What does Kendra think, as the Pastor’s wife?” Or “It’s totally different because you’re a pastor’s wife.” And on. And on. And on.

So, I’ve come to set the record straight. (🙂) I don’t do the following things because I’m the Pastor’s Wife:

  • *Spend time daily with Him in His word and prayer
  • *Expect certain things from my kiddos. Train them up. Spend time with them
  • *Want to grow in my marriage
  • *Lead Bible Study
  • *Avoid certain activities
  • *Go on Mission Trips
  • *Keep house
  • *Blog
  • *Attend LifeGroup or other events affiliated with the church
  • *Worship (as a full-contact sport) at home and at church
  • *Try to live a life pleasing to Him

I do them because I love Jesus. I am His child. I am a sinner, radically saved and changed by His grace and I need Him


I don’t need Him any less because I’m the pastor’s wife.

I obey Him because I love Him… and I also know that obedience brings blessing (BONUS!!).

I serve Him because I love Him… and I’d be serving Him if my husband was a Nasa Scientist or a Trash Collector.

PS. And I’m not perfect. I miss devotions sometimes. I grumble/complain too much. I often have clean clothes in the dryer :/. I yell at my kids (SHOCKER!) at times. But, it is my goal to GROW in each of these areas, because I love Him.

What about you? Have people ever had assumptions of you based on your role (in a church? in a school…)? Your job?


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