I Was A Chicken

No, this isn’t some super-spiritual post about chickening out of something God was calling me to do, witnessing to a stranger or backing out of something because it was too hard.


I was a chicken.  A Dancing Chicken in fact!  And it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time!  My hubby, (aka PK), decided it would be fun to rent some costumes for our town’s Holiday Parade, and since my daughter was going as the LP-Peep, I decided to be a chicken.

Chicken Costume + Awesome Praise/Dance Music = Dancing Chicken!

I danced the CHICKEN DANCE throughout the whole parade route!!  Seeing adults join in on the sidelines and kiddos cracking up was ALL WORTH IT!  Who doesn’t LOVE the Chicken Dance??  At the end I was a sweaty mess (I don’t think I have EVER sweat that much!) and I probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow ~ but IT WAS A BLAST!

Here are some more pix from the evening!!



What’s your favorite costume or something CRAZY fun you’ve done lately???


One thought on “I Was A Chicken

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