How Do You TWITTER???

A few weeks ago I posted, “How Do You FaceBook?”  Today, we’re going to move into another realm of social-media… the land of Tweets… TWITTER.

Personally, I prefer Twitter over, FB.  Why?  Well, it’s short and sweet (although it can be challenging to express a thought with only 140 characters).  It’s simple.  Tweets – no games, applications, photos (unless you click on a TwitPic).  It’s a fun way to connect with friends and network with people that have mutual interests (ie – pastor’s wives, church planters, moms, sushi eaters… :)).

I love its versatility with other accounts. I use Hootsuite online and TwitDroyd on my phone.  In addition, my Twitter account automatically feeds to my FaceBook.  I don’t update my FB very often outside of this.  However, I do check the FaceBook replies to what I post, and to visit my FB friends’ pages, but other than that, I’m a Twitter gal.

As far as Twitter Do’s and Don’ts… well, that’s one thing I like about Twitter.  If you like, are encouraged by or interested in what someone is tweeting about – Follow them.  If you don’t like, aren’t encouraged by or not interested in what someone is posting, don’t follow them.  It’s that simple :).

There’s such creativity and individuality within Twitterland, as well as humor, information and encouragement.  I love the ease at which I can share (re-tweet) something that makes me laugh, encourages or challenges me. Twitter posts often provide some tidbit of information I wouldn’t have otherwise come across.  Following my local news (newspaper and radio) as well as national news (@foxnews) is an added bonus from Twitter.  Since I don’t have the TV on much, I still know what’s going on in the world, and with my friends.  Yes, I do care if you had a Root-Beer Float today :).

My tweets range from scripture to sarcasm (not me!), friends to FOOD, gardens to goofiness and anything in-between.  If you’re on Twitter, and I’m not following you, please leave a comment with your Twitter username below so I can!!  If you’re not on Twitter, why not try it? Who knows… you might just like it!!

All that being said… How do you Twitter?


Any thoughts??

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