BGSU Crosswalk ON Mission

 Collegiate Ministry on the campus of Bowling Green State University is alive and growing! God is up to something big on campus, and Crosswalk is right in the middle of it. Here are a few highlights from the past six months.

Thirty- five students went on a mission trip to Greenville, South Carolina. They ministered in two nursing homes, saw two people come to know Christ, built a wheelchair ramp, and painted a house.

Ten students went on an international mission trip to the Dominican Republic, where they worked at an orphanage, took physical and spiritual food to people in remote villages, and shared the hope of the Gospel. They had the privilege of seeing over forty people pray and receive Christ.

Over the summer we had five students serving in ministry. Three served with the invigorate team, a collegiate summer missions ministry that ministered across College/University campuses all across the state, and two that served as interns in a local church.

This summer, we also held regular leadership meetings where we took time together in the word and prayer.  We also brainstormed for the upcoming school year, developed their leadership skills and, of course, had some amazing fellowship. I believe that as a team, we are stronger than ever.

This fall has been hopping from Day 1!  We are seeing new faces each week at our Tuesday Night Worship.  Many students are making/renewing their commitment to Christ and four have become New Believers since the beginning of the school year.  We’ve also started a weekly discipleship study to teach the ‘basics’ of the Christian faith.  In addition, there are weekly men and women’s bible studies taking place across campus.

We have a lot of momentum already this school year.  Here is what is on the radar for the next few months:

  • Fall Retreat in October
  • Passion Conference in January
  • Mission trip in March

As you can see, God has His fingerprints ALL OVER BGSU Crosswalk. We appreciate your prayers as we join Him in His work!


Any thoughts??

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