Behind The Smile

Look at them! Aren’t they just adorable?  Aren’t they just sweeter than chocolate?  At first glance, that may be the message that this photo sends, however, if you were there even THREE SECONDS before this shot this is what you would’ve seen:

Clawing… Name Calling…

Wrestling…   Fighting…


Yes – my two darling  youngest were fighting over the little MP3 player seen minutely in their hands.  I don’t know WHAT the issue was, but it was intense… and since my camera was right next to me, I decided to grab it and capture a “REAL” moment in the Grubbie family history.  But, they noticed someone was looking (with a camera to boot) and put on all smiles for the shot.

Put on all smiles.

Have you ever done that?  It’s one of the saddest facets of the church today – that we feel like we have to put on smiles.

Maybe there’s someone that’s so sunk in depression they can barely breathe, but when they show up at church they put on smiles.

Maybe there’s someone stuck so deep in sin that if anyone at church knew, surely they would be repulsed, disappointed… but they come anyways and put on a smile.

Maybe the marriage is failing, the kids are rebelling, the finances are crashing, the loneliness is suffocating, the addictions are overwhelming… you fill in the blank.  And they’ve put on a smile.

Friends – it doesn’t have to be that way… Find a small group, a Christian friend, a Bible Study, a pastor… anyone.  You don’t have to walk this alone. We aren’t meant, as the BODY of Christ, the CHURCH, to do this alone.  And we’re not called to put on smiles. No, we’re called to bear each others’ burdens, comfort one another in their time of need and encourage each other in the Word.

Let’s not live one more second in a Stain-Glassed Masquerade!


4 thoughts on “Behind The Smile

  1. I think if anyone says “no” they’ve never done it they’re not being completely honest.

    Its not just being down without a frown, but that as PK said, we don’t trust our brothers and sisters enough to let them know our private lives.

    So, my answer, of course – I too have worn the masks in the stained glass masquerade.


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