How Do You Facebook?

Facebook. Most of us have one… Some are even considering starting FB support groups… lol.  Seriously, though (no, not seriously… this is not a serious post :p) Inquiring minds want to know… How do you FaceBook?

Are you a status only Facebooker, no games?  Are you a FaceBook stalker with no comments??  (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE… ha ha…)  So, let’s go back to Journalism 101 (which I never took by the way) and answer the WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? WHY? and HOW? of FaceBook…

Who? Who do you ‘friend’?  Until yesterday, I have only ‘friended’  people that I know, whether virtually (via blogs, twitter, L&LI) or have actually met in person.  Yesterday I added someone that knows some of the same people I know and sent me a friend request.  After a few days, I thought, “What the heck?” and added her.  Kev, my hubs, will confirm any friend request… no matter what!  Now, for a stickier question…. Who do you ‘unfriend’? Don’t answer that.  Ok, if ya want to… but don’t get ugly.  I have only ‘unfriended’ two people that I can think of, for reasons not blog-worthy… but can I just say I *heart* the HIDE feature on FB now.  You don’t have to hurt someone’s feelings by ‘unfriending’ them, but don’t have to clog up your newsfeed with their hogwash.

I just said hogwash… Moving on…

What? What do you do on Facebook?  When I 1st started Facebooking, I did EVERYTHING.  I built my stick family, found my love language, created a DOG page and FLAIR, oh the FLAIR!  Then I realized that I was getting sucked into the Facebook abyss… so I cut all that back.  Then, I discovered Bejeweled! (Insert sucking into abyss sound again).  Ha ha!  Now, I mostly just browse through the Newsfeed, *like* a bunch of stuff by my ‘friends’, laugh a little, encourage a little (I hope) and enjoy the community that lies with in Social Media… aka FaceBook.

Where? Um, that’s a weird question for this post.  I Facebook from home, occasionally at the church *gasp* and on the go via my phone… but I have a Blackberry… and it’s slow… ’nuff said.

When? Another weird question for this… But, I jump on FB a couple times a day for 10 minutes (oh, who’s counting???) or so at a time.  (I just spelled weird the exact same way, but only one ‘weird’ got the squiggly mis-spelling lines… weird.)  Obviously, abyss sucking still occurs from time to time…

Why? Why in the world do you FB?  Hmmmmm, for me, I would say I enjoy the online fellowship of those I know personally and those I know virtually.  Community.  I love getting a *WORD* from someone on FB (or Twitter) that encourages or convicts at just the right time.  I hope that I am encouraging someone a time or two as well.   I hope to share a ‘lil Jesus through just ordinary ‘ol me… and FB is a great tool for that.  Also, keeping in touch. I can know what’s going on in my family’s life (extended etc) or friends I haven’t seen in years and stay connected.

How? Well, mainly my status updates because I Twitter. ( And you should too :)).  Just sayin’.

How about YOU?  Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How do you Facebook????


6 thoughts on “How Do You Facebook?

  1. Who – people I know personally or via blogs. Hubs says yes to EVERYONE!
    What: no games, just status..not everyday
    When: too often…
    Why: allows me to reconnect with friends from school
    How: status updates….no tweeting for me…


  2. I listen to learn, and sometimes learn to listen. Thanks, P.K.! Most times I’m reading the posts of my friends to see if there’s something that God is saying to me through them.

    I believe, like most things, you have to take the bad with the good, but with Facebook ~ God is able, through us, to reach many.

    Thank you, Kendra ~ For this blog!


  3. Who: I’m FB promiscuous. I’ll pretty much accept anyone. And yes, I’ve totally unfriended people. It has always been for them “yelling” at me. I wouldn’t let people do that to me at my house, so I don’t let them do it to me in my “virtual house” either.

    What: Responding to people and checking L&LI group.

    When: I check in a few times a day < 5 mins each time.

    Why: I like to connect … although I like Twitter much, much better. If I could shut down the FB inbox, I think I'd like it more.

    How: Thank goodness I can import what I want to from Twitter.

    You're awesome Kendra! 🙂


  4. Some days I think I’m addicted to fb. Really…sad huh? I love to read what’s going on with everyone. No I do not play any games & I don’t want to join any groups..yada yada yada… I don’t farm or anything like that at all. I simply use it to socialize I guess.
    I think it’s a great tool for ministry also….though I think you have to watch yourself & protect yourself on it..
    Great thoughts girl!


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