First Day of School… Take Two!

So, as you noticed, last week I posted a School Dayz post on what we were doing for school this year…  Well, schooling for the Grubbie family has taken yet another turn… and we are all so excited about it!!

The Ohio Virtual Academy is a fabulous program and I would recommend it for anyone looking to home educate and have a solid educational program and support that comes with it.  However, we quickly realized that this was not going to work for us at this time.  Looking back over this summer, I think we ‘knew’ a change was a-comin’… and we used OHVA as a bandaid.

It was time.

I won’t go into all the logistics and all the factors that went into our decision, but know that we evaluated each aspect of home-educating for us and we are at peace and know this is the right decision for this time. :).

All that being said, the kiddos are re-enrolled in public school and started this morning!  They were each a little nervous, but were more excited than anything else!!  Enjoy some pix from this morning!!

Here’s Julia getting ready for MIDDLE SCHOOL ~  7th Grade!!

Here’s Joey and Emma all ready for Elementary School ~ 3rd & 5th Grades!!


3 thoughts on “First Day of School… Take Two!

  1. Great to see the kids with such big smiles and excited faces 🙂 thanks for the pics. I am so happy that you sought God and He (as usual) gave you an answer and peace to go forward. Wiht out a doubt your children go with God and He goes with them. I know this will be an exciting and foefilling year for you all as you go forward into this new adventure. God bless you in ALL your endevores.


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