Who Is In Charge Anyway? (Book Review)

For this blog review, I’d like to welcome you back to the garden of Max Lucado, where cute little garden critters congregate and life lessons are learned.  Freddie the flea is discouraged because everyone else seems to have a special purpose in life, and he feels so, well, non-purposeful.   He thinks everyone else has done such wonderful things in life, and he hasn’t done anything noteworthy.   What he didn’t know, was the struggles, fears, insecurities and adversities each of those critters had to face, before the amazing thing they’re known for.  Freddie learned that God doesn’t make mistakes and the only thing that matters is what God thinks of him.  In the end, God blessed Freddie with a job to do, a purpose in life, and an opportunity to make a difference, to make his mark on this world.  Isn’t that a yearning in everyone’s heart?

No detail was lost in the making of ‘Who Is In Charge Anyway’?  It is delightful, meaningful, colorful and just plain wonderful.  This is a perfect movie for ‘family movie night’ and for kids of all ages! It gets FIVE STARS from me!


Any thoughts??

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