If You’re Having An Affair…

And you’re in ministry, please step down.   Please do not preach another Word to me.  Please do not lead me in another worship song.  Please do not teach me one more thing.  Please don’t write another book, blog, or tweet.  Please resign.

I’m not saying this in judgment.  All have sinned… I totally believe in grace.  In second chances.  In fact, I think the Christian world (at least the online Christian world) is more and more surrounding the ‘fallen’ in love and support than ever before.   And PRAISE GOD for that.  We need to be the ones to lift each other up when we’ve fallen.  That being said, here’s my request. Please don’t lead us while you’re in it. I’m angry, sad, confused, frustrated, broken when I hear of another one. Ones who I’ve grown spiritually because of their teaching.  Ones who I’ve worshiped the Father with (not personally, but in live venues or through their songs). Ones I have trusted.

I understand it can happen to any of us… None of us are immune.

I’m just saying, step back.   Surround yourself with love and support.  Get healthy… then, lead again.


2 thoughts on “If You’re Having An Affair…

  1. OH sweet friend I absolutely agree with this. I have known so many in ministry that this has been an issue for and I agree…step down…take a break and come back when you can lead. I appreciate your words!


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