Camping Recap

Well, didn’t want ya’ to think that our camping trip was all doom and gloom (based on yesterday’s post).  In fact, that was just one day – and it was an all around crappy day (crappy weather, crappy attitudes etc).  You know, you have to have ONE of those days on your vacation, right??

So, here’s a recap of the other eight awesome days!

Friday we traveled to Chesterton, IN to hang with my cousin Judy and her fam.  Judy and her hubs, Larry, are the founders of Neighborlink Porter County – which is an organization that matches needs people have (roof repairs, wheelchair ramps, plumbing) with people willing to volunteer to meet those needs!  It’s HANDS-ON hands and feet of Jesus. LOVE IT!  Check out there website here, and their blog here.  Their kiddos are all within weeks of my kiddos’ ages and they all had a blast playing together, riding bikes on the amazing bike trails near their house and hanging out!  In fact, they even came out to the campsite at Indiana Dunes to help us set up on …

Saturday. We met two families there to camp until Monday.  We had a blast at the beach, making yummy campfire meals (esp. the pizzas!), playin cards etc.  Memories fo’ sho’!

Monday – we left our friends to continue our camping vaca at Jellystone Park in Indiana. We had a couple of rainy days (as you know) that we made the most of… which included some SHOPPING!  (Honestly, I’m not a huge shopper, but we did have some fun getting some bargains :).  Also, we met some friends on Tuesday, that I grew up with, and it was great catching up with them.  Fast forward to Thursday where we finally could enjoy Jellystone Park – the pools, the bears, the activities.  I love my hubby and my kiddos so, so much and it was great having time with them!  Every day went by SOOOOOOO fast!  Too fast.  But, I’m thankful for the time we had!

So yesterday I shared some of our trip and talked about eternal perspective. Tomorrow, I’m gonna jump in to the Glory Bank. Who’s gettin’ the glory in your life?  YOU? or GOD?


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