Our Tent

If we’re friends on Twitter, than you probably know we just got back from camping.  And, you probably know that we had some rain on the said camping trip.   Years ago, we had a pop-up camper and we’ve been looking forward to getting back into camping ~ but I “don’t do” tent camping…  But, after realizing that the kids will probably be grown and have kids of their own before we buy another camper, I decided to surprise Kevin for our anniversary (back in May) with a tent and a promise – a promise to TRY tent camping.

We tried that bad-boy out in our backyard 4th of July weekend.  The weather was perfect, the air mattress held air. I  thought, “This could work.”  So, we made plans for our ‘vacation’ to camp with friends at the Indiana Dunes, then reserved another 4 nights after that at Jellystone in Fremont, IN.  The weekend with friends was great ~ great weather, great foodage, great fun!  Then we moved to Jellystone.  Had some troubles finding a suitable site there (their sites are close together, not very grassy or very shady).  Finally, we settled on one, set up camp and called it ‘home’ for the next 4 1/2 days.   Then we saw the forecast.

It was supposed to rain Tuesday and Wednesday.  Tuesday was no big deal.  We had plans to meet up with some old friends for lunch and shopping in Shipshewana.  It did rain there, but we had such a blessed time catching up with our friends.  When we came back to the site, things were damp but manageable.  Then, Wednesday morning we checked the radar and a BIG PATCH OF RED was coming our way!  Severe thunderstorm warnings were posted.  We decided to head out of camp (what good was a tent going to do us?) and go SHOPPING!

We returned to a newly formed lake at the bottom of our campsite and a wet tent… inside and out.  There was a river flowing down the air mattress grooves, puddles in the sleeping bags and just an overall dampness.  I was frustrated.  I was uncomfortable. Mama wasn’t happy (and you know what that means…).

We got home last night to a warm, dry, spacious house with comfortable (dry) beds, running water (that you didn’t have to hold down and you could control the temperature) and electricity.  It felt like heaven.

Then I remembered two things: 1) Haiti (that’s another blog post) and 2) what was preached at a funeral I attended last week.  These bodies we live in are just temporary.  Tents.  We have leaks, puddles, rivers and dampness that show up in our lives – but what we need to remember is that Jesus has prepared a place for us.  A mansion even… with warm, comfy beds, and dry bedding.  Perfect.  It will be perfect.  ‘Til then, we gotta make the most out of these tents.  Live not for the ‘here and now’ but for what will matter then and there.  Whatever discomforts, pains, troubles we face in these tents will not compare to the joy of what awaits those of us that have trusted in Him.

John 14:2
In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.


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