Get Your Bats, Get Your Balls…

Well, we’ve been pretty much ABSENT from the blog world lately – sorry.  In addition to life, work, ministry, family, vacationitas, (and on and on and on) it’s been Baseball/Softball Season – and with 3 kids playing on 3 different teams ~ it’s been a lil’ crazy!  Especially the past couple of weeks with tournaments.  I’m always amazed at each of the kiddos and the skills they continue to develop in sports.  They’ve all three already passed any athletic ability I’ve ever had :p!  I’m also thankful for the sportsmanship, teamwork and work ethic they’re challenged to develop!  So, all that to say – here are a couple pix of my ALL-STARS and a little song I wrote – just for them (and any other family with ball players). It’s to the tune of the William Tell Overture.

Get your bat, get your ball, get your sliding sleeve. Get your bag, get your glove and your pink ‘ol cleats. Batter up, strike ’em out, three up three down… Hurray, it’s tourney time!

Grab your ice, fill it up, make your water bottle. Elbow up, lean on back, now hit full throttle. Catch the ball, make your throws, let’s get ’em out… Hurray! It’s tourney time!

In the rain, when it’s cold, when it’s stinkin hot. Cheer ’em on, shout it loud, kiss the boo boos, not! Win or lose, love’ em still, they’re a winner in my book! Hurray! It’s tourney time!

I know. I know. The song-writing contracts are going to come ROLLIN’ in after that!  LOL  Now, off to read some blogs (I have 347 in my reader)…


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