Tornado Relief Volunteer Opportunity

Andrea S., one of our Crosswalk Students, has made us aware of how we can help with the Tornado Relief in NW Ohio.  Please see her email below.

Hello, Everyone–
I am sure by now everyone is aware of the devestation left behind by the violent tornados that hit NW Ohio over the weekend. Several people were affected by this storm and many lost their homes or a large majority of them. The aftermath of the storms left behind mountains of debris and demolished homes. My church, Mainstreet (located off of 795 in Millbury) was damaged by the storm as well as the neighborhoods and outerlying areas around it. Our other church campus, in Walbridge, has become a relief and shelter station for the victims and those volunteering in the clean-up efforts.

Several of you have asked me about helping and volunteering–if you can and are willing to help you are needed! A large majority of the volunteers are scattered around the area and working at different home sites that were damaged. Others are at the church and helping with the organization of food distribution for the victims and volunteers. Meals are being delivered to each work site for the volunteers throughout the day.

In order to help, you must sign up and fill out some information that will identify you as a volunteer…bring your drivers license. You will be given a wrist band that will help the families and law officials identify your purpose and intentions.

If anyone would like to help or organize a group, let me know! Check out our church’s Facebook page and website for more information about what is needed and the location. I can get you more details if you have specific questions.

The most important thing that we can do is pray! Please pray for the victims, their families, and the loss of life that has been brought upon the community. Pray for all of the volunteers and that God will provide them with strength as they work and comfort the victims.

–Wear work clothes, you’re going to get dirty!
–Work Gloves
–Bring your Driver’s license



In Christ,


Any thoughts??

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