All Things New

One of the highlights of this trip was seeing foreign missions from the eyes of first-timers.  With the exception of Julia and me, this was everyone’s 1st foreign mission trip – and to a third world country no less.

Some things 1st timers see when they go on a mission trip:

  • How good we have it back home
  • How much God is working all around the world
  • How the Holy Spirit just takes over when we are ‘out of our element’
  • How much joy there is in serving Him – and feeling like you’re making a difference for the cause of Christ
  • How to work together as a team
  • How we are all created with a unique personality and given different spiritual gifts all for a specially designed purpose

These are some things commonly heard on 1st mission trips, kind of like back to the basics. There’s something about experience this trip with 1st timers that brought me back to the basics, and madeall things new. I delighted in how the Lord worked throughout this trip, and for me, it was a joy to simply delight in Him and watch Him work. These 10 college students, my 11-year-old daughter and I have been forever impacted by the God who specializes in making all things new.

Sometimes we just need that.  A fresh touch.  Eyes pulled wide open.  Heart turned towards Him.

Maybe there’s something in your life that you’d like to see new or with a refreshed spirit.  Ministry, parenting, marriage, job, relationships…  Ask God to make that new to you again.  I believe He will.

Sunday morning, we started the day at the beach to watch the sunrise.  What a beautiful picture of all things new. Blessings :).


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