Sum It Up

Hmmmmm – so to sum up our trip…

Wednesday – Already blogged on that HERE.

Thursday – We visited Batey #1 in the morning where we played with kiddos, sang songs, presented the gospel and gave away salvation bracelets.  That afternoon, we went shopping for food to distribute to the needy in Monte Largo.

Friday – Beach day of rest and fun at Catalina island 🙂

Saturday – We went to the girl’s orphanage in La Romana – one of my favorite places to go, – one of the hardest places to leave.  I just love my girlies there…  I was blessed when Tata gave me a scrapbook she made for me because she knew I was coming, and for a beautiful letter that Linda wrote me.  I will treasure those forever!

That afternoon we went to Las Molinas – which is a Haitian sugarcane village.  There we were able to share the plan of salvation with several who lived there., including Benito and Crodel who accepted Christ right there.  Thankfully we had some Bibles available to leave with them.  Pray for them, as right now their only way to grow, is what they get out of reading the Bible – which is enough, with help of the Holy Spirit.

Sunday – We were blessed to attend the new church plant in Juan Dolio, that takes place right in SCORE’s facility.  Each week, they pick up people from several towns.  Many have been saved as a result of this new church, including several Dominican SCORE staff.  Praise the LORD.

Monday – We hit the streets of Santo Domingo for some tract distribution, evangelism and even some shopping!  After that we went to a government-run handicapped orphanage to spend some time with the kiddos.  The smiles on their faces brought such JOY to our hearts.

Tuesday – We left SCORE at 11am, had a delightful day of travel and made it to Detroit, oh, I don’t know… sometime after 11ish.

What a great week of ministry, of time with God, fellowship with others and a very blessed time with my daughter, Julia.

Thanks to everyone who supported us in prayer and financial support.


Any thoughts??

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