CW DR Trip Devo Day 7

Day Seven – “I Am With You” Monday, May 17, 2010

There’s nothing more comforting than when amidst busyness, stress, conflict, chaos or crisis than that still small voice that whispers, “I am with you.” God has sent us His Spirit, the Comforter, not just to empower us to follow His call, but in many other situations as well.

Take a look at some verses where God says, “I am with you” and note the situation, the context and the reason He spoke them.

Isaiah 41:10

Gen. 26:24

Josh. 3:4

Jer. 1:19

Matt. 28:20

Heb. 13:5b

Isn’t it comforting that whatever God calls us to do or to face, He is with us?  Rejoice in His omni-presence today!


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