Blessings (From Wednesday)

(This is from Wednesday’s day of ministry… but due to internet issues, it’s getting posted today)

Today was ‘be a blessing’ ‘get a blessing’ day.  No matter what you do or where you go to ‘be a blessing’ the jokes on you, ‘cuz you walked away so blessed… and challenged.

We started our morning at a village where we invited some kiddos to come hang with us.  We played duck, duck goose, capture the flag (someone’s t-shirt), tag and Joe even gave rides on a one-Joe-open-sleigh.  After playtime, we all gathered in the church there where Danny gave his testimony, Elisabeth walked through the ‘EVANGICUBE’ and Eddy Jesus gave an invitation.  Finally, we spent time with some amazing elderly people, chatting, praying and even playing Dominoes!

This afternoon we visited Casa de Luz, an orphanage for physically and/or mentally challenged children.  To see little Jose Mateo’s face light up with a smile after singing “Jesus Loves Me” – brought enough joy to overflow an ocean.  So we tickled, blew bubbles, played UNO (not) and colored.

It was really just a small thing to visit and play with these children… and that made me think… It may be just a small thing we can do to for someone, but that small thing can be such a blessing leaving both parties with enough joy to overflow an ocean.

Who can you be a blessing to today?

Well, next up… Dinner then Devotions on the beach… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!


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