Antonio Meets His Match – A Review

When I started reviewing ‘books’ for Thomas Nelson, I never imagined getting to watch one of my favorite Caterpillars… Hermie (and his friend Wormie).  If you haven’t checked out Max Lucado’s Hermie series, you’re missing out.

“Antonio Meets His Match” was no different.  Another brilliant storyline, matched with cute characters and practical application for kids of all ages.

I actually gave my kiddos the assignment to watch this DVD and write a review.  Here are some things they had to say:

  • “I liked this movie because it reminded me to be nice to others and love my neighbor as myself.”

“The ants weren’t being very nice.  They were being greedy.  I’m glad they became friends in the end.”

“This was a good movie and every kid should see it.”

Well, there you have it folks.. outta the mouths of babes.  As as the Mom, I completely agree.  “Antonio Meets His Match” will bless you and your family.  How ’bout enjoy a ‘Family Movie Night’ with Hermie and friends.


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