A Twig

When God called Jerry to help start LifePoint, he wasn’t greeted with boatloads of encouragement. In fact, someone asked him, “You’re really stepping out on a limb here, aren’t you?” His response to that question was simply, “No. I’m stepping out on a twig.” I loved that :).

He was uncertain what all it meant for him and his family; leaving a church they had served in for years, what kind of time would he (and his family) need to commit, what kind of spiritual warfare he would be stepping into, being stretched beyond anything he could imagine. But, he did it. He stepped out on that twig. He stepped out in faith. Knowing it was what God was calling him to – he took the step then simply trusted that God would take care of the rest. He has.

Funny talking about taking a step of faith comparing it to something so small, so weak and brittle as a twig. When faith is talked about in the Bible, Jesus uses something even smaller… a mustard seed. Have you ever seen a mustard seed? It’s about this big (*). Smaller even. Luke 17:6 and Matt. 17:20 both tell us what impossible things we can do, if we have faith the size of a mustard seed.

That’s not a lot of necessary faith, friends. All we have to do is muster up an itty-bitty bit of faith, step out on that faith and He does the rest. It’s a super-cool deal!

In fact, the other times a mustard seed is mentioned in the Bible it’s when Jesus is talking about the Kingdom of Heaven. According to Matt. 13:31-32, the mustard plant starts out as an itty-bitty seed (*), but grows so much that it even becomes a home for birds and such. One step of faith can have innumerable benefits for the kingdom.

Faith, the size of that itty-bitty seed, has more power than we can fathom.
Is God asking you to step out with some itty-bitty faith today?

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