Hang In There, Moms

This is a letter to my bloggy-friends that are young moms – or moms of young’uns.

Dear Young Mom,

Hang in there! You may feel like you have NO time for yourself, or that you are stretched beyond your capacity, or maybe that what you do day-in and day-out is insignificant.

Let me just take a moment as a mom of slightly older kiddos – to encourage you. I’ll never forget when I was in the thick of four, three and one. I was tired EXHAUSTED. I was frustrated because there were things I wanted to do (ministry-wise…) but couldn’t at that time. I felt helpless/clueless of how do deal with parenthood (from tantrums to toddler devotions… where do I start??). When I was sharing with someone older, wiser – you know, a been-there-done-that-kind-of-friend, her response to me was, “Just wait. It only gets worse.”

Shoot me now.

Seriously. That comment was just about a one way ticket to the loony bin. My kiddos are not grown or out of the house, but we are out of the baby-toddler-preschool fog… and friends – IT WILL GET BETTER!! Not that babies, toddlers and preschoolers aren’t wonderful. Each childhood stage has its joys and its frustrations…

Some of the joys to look forward to:

– Bathing themselves

– Feeding themselves

– Entertaining themselves

Are you seeing a trend here? With each step of independence for our young’uns, there’s less dependence on the Mama. (Duh! – I just reread that… thank you Captain Obvious.) My point in telling you is I can let the kiddos play outside and not have to watch their every step. Or, I can insist on a quiet activity, so Mom can chill (read, be alone, pray, blog …) I can serve more at church. (They can serve too :-)).

Not that we don’t have frustrations, ya’ll, at this stage. We’ve hit hormones… Need I say more? But, I love the growing personalities, independence and even being freed up a bit. So, ladies, there is hope. You will be able to breathe again.

In the meantime:

*Enjoy the ride. They are young for such a SHORT time. What you do every day is UBER-significant in their lives.

*Accept help when offered! I stunk at this! I DID need a break, but often didn’t accept when people offered.

*Take a break. Maybe, there is no one around to offer a hand… then schedule yourself a break :). Take a warm-relaxing bath during naptime. Let the kiddos veg in front of the TV so you can do your devotions. (Not hours and hours of digital-babysitting… but it IS OK to use the TV to keep your sanity!!)

*Meet with other moms. I looked forward to MOPS every month!! Don’t know if you have MOPS in your area, but maybe meeting another mom for a coffee/playdate. Ladies – we NEED each other!

*‘Member your strength comes from the LORD. Being a Mommy is NOT anything we can do in our own strength.

Finally – if you’re stressed to the max right now, picture me on the sidelines cheering for YOU… You can do it! It will get better! Keep on! You’re doing GREAT! HANG IN THERE!!


3 thoughts on “Hang In There, Moms

  1. Kendra,Thanks for the reminder. It never ceases to amaze me that God knows when we need encouragement, or just someone who knows what we are going through. Your blog came at a well need time. Thanks for all you do.Alice Sayer


  2. Kendra,You always have a great word from God at a great time. Thank you. I am in the process of enjoying Caleb more, because I know I will be sad, when he doesn't need or want me anymore. Thank you so much, I like knowing you are on my sideline, and that with God anything is possible, even preschool days 🙂


  3. Amen sister!! God definitely spaced my boys out for a good reason! That last statement is the biggest…you can't do it without God! If I didn't totally rely on Him for help…I'd have been crazy by now!


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