The Greatest Story

It is the greatest story… EVER. I believed in it and marveled at it even when I didn’t have a personal relationship with THE Main Character (but now I do). Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Easter has LONG been my favorite holiday… so much so that my hubby actually proposed to me on Easter morning, 1993 – during the BRUNCH at the Lutheran Church :). There is JOY surrounding the message of the Resurrection. Hope. LIGHT! Peace. Did I mention HOPE?

I don’t care what church you walk into on Easter morning, it’s ELECTRIC. Whether you’re singing “Up From The Grave He Arose” or “Christ is Risen, Allelujah”, or “Rise and Sing” (Our God is RISEN, and REIGNING) or “God is ALIVE!” the truth and power of these words are life-changing, joy-bringing and hope-lifting! I pray you celebrated JESUS with all you had today. He is so worthy of it!

Had a FANTASTIC morning at LifePoint. In the main service they went from the dark, solemn hour of the cross to the joyous miracle of the resurrection via song, video and the WORD. We were planning on having school-aged kiddos sit with their parents today, and not have ‘Treehouse’, but yesterday I felt a prodding of the Spirit to show the Jesus Film for kids. So glad I did. One little girl looked over at me, about half-way through the video, and asked, “Is this a true story.” I told her that yes, it was in fact the truest story ever told! With tears in my eyes, I realized that she has never heard it. WOW! We take for granted that EVERYONE has heard THE STORY. Later in the video, when Jesus was getting beaten, the same little girl asked me, “Why isn’t He doing anything back?”

Oh honey, because He loves US. He knew He had to endure that… so we would have a way for eternal LIFE, a way to God the Father. He didn’t fight back so He could die, only to live again. Thank you, Jesus!

Finally, at the point of the movie where the nails were hammered into Jesus’ hands, several kiddos covered their faces. The cross was cruel. The cross hurt. It should’ve been me.

But the ending… Oh, the ending! He didn’t stay in the tomb! He AROSE! He’s alive today!!! He’s calling to each one of us to come to Him and accept what HE did to cover our sins.

If you’d like to show this movie, here is some info about it. It’s a GREAT video, and even had the kids leading an invitation at then end.

This is the BEST story EVER!

Some still haven’t heard. Will you tell them?

Finally, here are some shots of our family today… I haven’t updated pix in a while. Happy Easter Everyone!!

Our whole fam… dogs included!
My kiddos, how I love them!

Me n my Amazing Cousins!

The kiddos and their amazing cousins!

We are so blessed!

3 thoughts on “The Greatest Story

  1. Yea, Happy Easter! Thanks for sharing your Easter story with us. So cool about that little girl, talk about encouragement to keep going in the ministry! Love the new pics!


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