She Doesn’t Know

The seductive woman in Proverbs 5 gets a pretty bad wrap. She’s portrayed as a smooth talker, bitter, sharp and dangerous as a double-edge sword, and rightfully so. It was written as a caution to you and me, because she is all of those things. We do need to be careful and on guard around her (and any other beautiful ‘thing’ Satan lures us with)…

But, verse 6 holds a punch that I never noticed before. It says, “SHE DOESN’T KNOW that her ways are unstable.”

How often do we see a lost person acting lost? We often expect people who don’t know Jesus to act as if they do! The Seductive Woman in Proverbs 5 (or any other person without Jesus) is doing what she does, because she doesn’t know anything different! We have to allow grace for that. God did for us before we knew any better.

What the Seductive Woman needs is some serious Jesus lovin! His love and goodness leads someone to turn away from their sin. (Rom. 2:4)

I’m not saying we should pursue ‘dating evangelism’ or ‘let our guard down’ to witness to her, but definitely seek out opportunities to share with her the grace that God is ready and waiting to extend. And, if/when God draws her, meet her with that same grace and NOT a hammer or a whipping stick.

I’m going to leave you with this thought I saw on a friend’s Facebook status yesterday:

“Truly saving someone isn’t about knocking them out and throwing them in a dark room. It’s about helping them find their way back to the right side” -Clark Kent

Well said, Clark.


4 thoughts on “She Doesn’t Know

  1. Wise words. Too many times we see Christians drop their guard to help save the "lost" and get lost themselves. And too many times we see people excuse sin with "they just don't know" and never try to point them to Jesus. What a challenge to us all:) Have a great weekend!


  2. I was under teaching at a conference this weekend about that very passage. We were comparing it to the Prov. 31 women. I know what you mean…our lives have to be an example. We have to live it out so they see the difference and want to know why. The book "Girls Gone Wise" is beyond awesome!!! It is by Mary Kassian. I'd highly recommend it!


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