Dominican Trip :)

I mentioned earlier… I’m going to the Dominican Republic!! This will be my 2nd trip back since we’ve moved back to the US after our 2004-2005 stay there and I’m always so excited to get back there. I will be leading a team of awesome college students from BGSU Crosswalk. AND, I’m bringing Julia along! She is so excited as this will be her 1st trip back since we’ve been ‘home’. We’re going with SCORE INTERNATIONAL.

We are going May 11th – May 18th. Some of the things that we’ll be doing are orphanage ministry, village ministry, Vacation Bible School and lots of evangelism. Of course, we’ll be eating lots of rice and beans too :). With all that’s happened recently in Haiti, I’m guessing some of our work will be geared toward those needs as well. Even when we served in the Dominican Republic, more than 50% of those we worked with were Haitians living in Dominican Sugar Cane Villages. To see some of what we did when we were there full time, click HERE. To see some highlights of the 2008 mission trip there click here, here, here and/or here.

I appreciate your prayers in advance, as well as throughout our trip. Secondly, if you feel led, I am raising some financial support to get there. My trip will be about $1100. If you think you’d like to financially support me on this trip, there are a couple of ways you can do that:

1) Send in a check to SCORE International, PO Box 9994, Chattanooga, TN 37412 and write “Kendra Grubinski” in the Memo Line


2) Go to , click GIVE (tab on top right), scroll down to “trip participant” and enter amount, click “add to cart”, then click “go to checkout”, enter your information and put “Kendra Grubinski” under “specify donation.” I know it sounds complicated, but once you’re there, it’s not :).

I love, love, love what God has us doing now… but I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these kinds of opportunities to serve other places as well. God is so good!


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