Winners – Claim Your Prizes

Hey Ladies – We had THREE winners for the “Passion for Purpose” devotionals, one of which is giving her book to another commenter…

The only problem is that the winners didn’t leave email addresses, and their links, well they didn’t take me anywhere (ie. their blog).

Here are the winners again:
3) SHELLY Who has offered to give her copy to NVBluEyeSweetie… NVBluEyeSweetie, please email me your contact info 🙂
19) JENNY (the 1st Jenny)

Ladies – please email me ( your address and I’ll get that in the mail asap!

If you weren’t a winner today, you can find “A Passion for Purpose” on or 😉

Ok, if you know any of these THREE winners, please contact them and let them know they won….

If I don’t hear from the winners, I will do a new drawing Tuesday morning.

Thanks, ya’ll!!


Any thoughts??

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