"A Passion for Purpose" Book Review & GIVEAWAY

Julie Johnson

Ladies – please email me (kgrub94@gmail.com) your address and I’ll get that in the mail asap!

If you weren’t a winner today, you can find “A Passion for Purpose” on Amazon.com or NewHopePublishers.com 😉

Wish I could’ve given you all a free book!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Well, GOOD MORNING everyone in blogland. I have some exciting news… This is NOT just a ‘book review and giveaway’…. This is a ‘book review and give THREE copies of the book away!’ Yippppeeeeeeeee!!!

So, here goes.

First of all, take a look at the cover (pictured to the left). They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but that is not the case with this book. The brightly colorful, unique and lovely cover does represent what you’ll find in the pages of “A Passion for Purpose.” There are FIVE amazing authors bringing God’s word to life highlighting spirituality, scripture study, worldview, relationships, communication, ministry and leadership. It’s a daily encouragement for Missional Living.

“A Passion for Purpose” is a great tool:

  • a) for someone who is just beginning a walk with God but is not sure how to begin having a devotion (‘quiet’) time.
  • b) someone who wants to start or end their day with something to ponder from the Word.
  • c) to keep in your car and be encouraged as you wait in the ‘kid-pick-up-line’ at school, wait in the waiting room at the Drs. office etc.

There are 365 devotions in “A Passion for Purpose”, but they’re not dated – so no worries starting in in February :). Ladies, you’ll be blessed if you read this devotional book.

Wanna hear something cool?? When we were on deputation, we stayed at many peoples’ houses along the way. One night, we actually stayed with Tricia Scribner (one of the authors of “A Passion for Purpose”) and her family in North Carolina. Her husband, Randy, was very involved with our organization, Score International, and made the arrangements for us. I was excited to see her name on this book, and I thought… “Is that the same Tricia Scribner???” Sure enough, it is! In addition to being a great author, I can testify that she makes a fabulous breakfast!! 🙂

OK – Regarding the GIVEAWAY – Thanks to the nice people at New Hope Publishers, you can comment below to be registered to win one of THREE copies of “A Passion for Purpose!” I will do the drawing Friday at 4pm EST.

Happy commenting!!


28 thoughts on “"A Passion for Purpose" Book Review & GIVEAWAY

  1. I Love the cover, and I really really really Need this.I could use a new devotional. I have sruggles every day and I don't know where to go to get started, I'm hoping this book can help me.


  2. My name is julie johnson, I love the front of the book, so awakening and refreshing. I am a new. Re born devoted christian and trying to turn my life around and put my whole self in to being a better person and following what god has instore for me. this book would bring some many wonderful blessing to me and help guild me down the path of the lords word. And teach me all the wonderful things he want me to lern from his words. This women devotional would help me get threw my days when good and when struggling with my depression I suffer from. It would be such a wonderful used everyday blessing for me. Thank you . God bless julie johnson fun4us10904@yahoo.com


  3. I think the cover is brightly colored and really like the color of the flowers and that. I really could use a devotional book. I have had a lot of sad times in the past year and a half and when it seems that I can get out of a bad situation it just seems to get worse and I can never get back on my feet. I keep praying and reading the bible for guidence however it seems to not be working and I am not sure what else to do and by reading the reviews and cover of the book, this might be the one thing that I could use to help lift up my spirits. So please give me the opportunity to win this book. It would be a great joy in my life if I won this book or am able to purchase a copy but with money so tight I am not sure if I would be able to any time soon. Thank you for your time and hope I win along with 2 other people. Too bad there is not more copies to be given out because it looks like a lot of people could read the book. Good luck to everyone and may the 3 people that could use the book the most wins or able to get a copy to buy if available.


  4. AND THE WINNERS ARE:3) SHELLY Who has offered to give her copy to NVBluEyeSweetie… NVBluEyeSweetie, please email me your contact info :)21) TERRI19) JENNY (the 1st Jenny)Ladies – please email me (kgrub94@gmail.com) your address and I'll get that in the mail asap!If you weren't a winner today, you can find "A Passion for Purpose" on Amazon.com or NewHopePublishers.com ;)Wish I could've given you all a free book!! Thanks for stopping by!!


  5. Kendra,
    Thanks for the book promo for Passion for Purpose. I loved writing this book because of the publisher’s desire for us to write a missional devo book that helps the reader focus on fulfilling God’s passion for all people through daily thoughts and scriptural focus on how we can join the Lord in touching people with His love. I really enjoyed writing the worldview devos because of my heart for explaining the reason for the hope within us as Christians-a field of study called apologetics. Thanks for the good word and I too, love the cover! Makes me smile just looking at it! Tricia Scribner


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