Questions for Pastors’ Wives

Enjoyed another CHAT today hosted by the fine ladies of LEADING AND LOVING IT. Today was the 1st time we ‘chatted’ via Facebook, whereas previously we have ‘met’ via TOKBOX with webcams and all. I loved the interaction with this great group of pastors’ wives, but it was a little bit difficult to get fully engaged in the conversations – because – well, there were many conversations… By the time I read what was going on, we were moving on. (Course, it didn’t help that I was on our SLOW desktop :).

So, I thought I’d answer a couple of the questions posed today and offer the comments section to any pastor’s wife out there (or anyone really) who’d like to comment. Or, if you’d like to, answer the questions at your blog and leave your blog address in the comments section.

Here we gooooooooooo……

Do you have or have you had a mentor and/or do you plan to do any mentoring?
Well, I’ve not had a mentor per se. I’ve heard some people say ‘Beth Moore’ has been their mentor and I would say that to be true in a sense for me. God has used her Bible teachings greatly in my walk. But, when I think of a mentor, I think of someone that is personally involved in mentoring. I did learn a lot from the pastor’s wife at our 1st ministry, but again we never set aside an intentional time for mentoring… I would love to do some mentoring at some point, with whatever staff wives the Lord will bring along or other wives starting out in the ministry. I don’t know that I have a whole lot to offer, but I can share what I’ve learned along the way 🙂 and hopefully encourage other women as they serve the Lord where He’s placed them. I would also like to see a network of pastors’ wives here, up north. The guys have their networks, but I think it’d be great for the ladies too!!

Did you know you were marrying a preacher/pastor?
HA! Um, NO! I did answer this question briefly on the chat which was possibly a shocker to those I was chatting with… “Kevin and I didn’t even know CHRIST when we got married!” Yup! It’s true! We both accepted Christ when we were 24, THREE years into our marriage. This May we’ll be celebrating 16 years of marriage, 13 of those with Jesus. Sometimes when I think about it, I just shake my head. Really. I.Just.Shake.My.Head. Never in a million years would I think I would be a pastor’s wife or Kevin a Pastor. Makes me giggle even now! You can read my salvation testimony HERE and the CALL and our early days in ministry HERE.

Anyhoo, how about you? Have you had a mentor? Been a mentor?

If you’re a pastor’s wife, did you know you were marrying a pastor?


Any thoughts??

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