Dark Suckers

Good evening and a Happy New Year to you and yours! I started this new year attending the Passion 2010 conference in Atlanta with a group of college students from BGSU… If I blogged a recap of all God did, all He is working in my heart and all He IS – the world wide web wouldn’t be able to hold it all… let alone my ‘lil ‘ol blog. So, I will share the WORD that was jumpstarted in my heart at PASSION 2010 throughout the whole year, probably. For a mini-recap, you follow my twitter posts… For today, I thought we’d start off 2010 with a guest post from my non-blogging, iron-sharpening, Barnabas, living, breathing, blessing of a friend Kim D. God spoke a WORD to her last month and when she shared it with me, I told her, “That would be a great blog post!” She, however, at this time has no desire to have a blog, but is willing to make a guest appearance here @ ‘Kendra Lee.’ (GEEZ, I sound like Matt Lauer on the Today Show… ha ha!). Without further ado, Kim D. with “Dark Suckers.”

Recently I shared with some friends that I work in a place filled with pessimistic people. At the end of my day I drag myself home, unsettled and weighed down by their negative debris clinging to my soul. It seems as though I am being consumed by the very darkness I am asked to shine in. I am beginning to feel as though the darkness itself is pressing down on me like a great weight.

I cried out to the Lord, “How can I stand under this great weight? How can I overcome the darkness when the power of it seems so immense?”

As I waited for an answer my mind began thinking back to a lecture I once heard on darkness, light bulbs and scientific theory. The theory is that darkness has mass and is faster than light. This theory could be proven with the ordinary light bulb (more correctly known as a dark sucker). Please bear with me as I quote from a copy of the lecture;

“The basis of the dark sucker theory is that electric bulbs suck dark. Take, for example, the dark suckers in the room where you are. There is less dark right next to them than there is elsewhere. The larger the dark sucker, the greater its capacity to suck dark. Dark suckers in a parking lot have much greater capacity than the ones in this room. As with all things, dark suckers don’t last forever. Once they are full of dark, they can no longer suck. This is proven by the black spot on a full dark sucker. A candle is a primitive dark sucker. A new candle has a white wick. You will notice that after the first use, the wick turns black, representing all of the dark that has been sucked into it. If you hold a pencil next to the wick of an operating candle, the tip will turn black because it got in the way of the dark flowing into the candle. Unfortunately, these primitive dark suckers have a very limited range. There are also portable dark suckers. The bulbs in these can’t handle all of the dark by themselves, and must be aided by a dark storage unit. When the dark storage unit is full, it must either be emptied or replaced before the portable dark sucker can operate again …. Finally, we must prove that dark is faster than light. If you were to stand in an illuminated room in front of a closed, dark closet, then slowly open the closet door, you would see the light slowly enter the closet; but since the dark is so fast, you would not be able to see the dark leave the closet.”

Does this in any way resemble an answer to my cry? By all means. It is the very answer I was looking for! The theory of dark suckers may at first seem logical, and perhaps to some, profound. To those who understand light, the theory is absurd and allowed to be pondered only for amusement sake.

In Matthew 5:14, I am informed that … I am the light. Now think about John 1:4 -5 “In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it!

My weariness reflects a heart that believed the “dark sucking” theory, and not the life illuminating truth. The world would have me believe that darkness triumphs over light, and that I will one day be filled with the darkness I am trying to remove.

The darkness can not be removed through my feeble efforts, neither can it consume me! In time I know that I will be a darkness illuminator specialist by the power of the Holy Spirit reflecting the light of the world, Jesus, through me. At the start of my day I will seek the Lord to empower me. At the end of my day I will seek the Lord, to have Him wash the debris of this world from my soul, to clean my light bulb (my heart). Then I will delight to see the darkness fleeing from His great light living in me.

So tell me, friends, can you relate? Have you at times been a ‘dark-sucker’? When the darkness, the negativity, the weight of the world, trials, cares, come upon you (me) and we just suck, suck, suck the dark? Thank you, Kim, for reminding us that we are the LIGHT – and that His light has power over darkness.


Any thoughts??

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