Keeping Christ in Christmas

Today’s final decorating sharing, part of Lisa’s Blog, is about how we keep Christ in Christmas. One of our family’s FAVORITE thing to unpack for Christmas is the LARGE nativity scene that was a wedding gift from a cousin. My Mom had the stable custom-made to fit the pieces!! It truly is amazing. We wrap some lights around it so it shines like the stars that night in Bethlehem many years ago.

Only problem is, when you take a close look at Baby Jesus, He is completely without one arm and the other arm is dislocated at the elbow :D. Oh well! I guess that’s what happens when He’s been packed and unpacked for 16 years!!

The other activity we enjoy each year is telling the Christmas Story a little each day through this Advent Calendar. Each day we add a piece to the board and there is a little snippet to read. It’s a lot of fun, and helps keep us focused throughout all the craziness of the holidays.

What do you do to keep Christ in Christmas?


Any thoughts??

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