Remebering Loved Ones @ Christmas

There’s so much wonderfulness about Christmas, the treats, the parties, the gifts, the Gift! However, truth be told, the holidays are some of the hurtingest times of the year. You can’t but help notice the White Elephant of who’s NOT there, the feeling of ‘it’s just not the same’, … the loved one(s) that have passed away.

I read on FaceBook a few days ago about a friend who had just finished “decorating the tree by candlelight” in honor of a loved one. A few years ago, my aunt passed away. Her silliness and her love is something we all miss. The year she passed, my cousin (her daughter) got everyone this angel ornament. I love this ornament and I can see it from where I sit on my ‘green chair.’ It reminds me of my sweet Aunt, where she’s at, and the hope what we share that one day we’ll see each other again.

I also have this lighted village that she made a few years before she died and getting it out each year brings back those special memories.

How do you honor/remember loved ones past during the holiday season?


Any thoughts??

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