Deck The Halls

OK – time for some Christmas fun… Joining in the Thursday “how we celebrate Christmas’ fun at Lisa’s Blog, here’s a bit of how we decorate at the Grubbie Household :).

This is the third year we have ventured out for a real tree. We go to Kaleidoscope Farms, sip some hot cider, eat some warmed peanuts, take a horseride and pick out the perfect tree. It’s a lot of fun!

They even let Joey help chop (saw) down the tree!

Best part about getting our tree there, is they drill the hole in the trunk and we can come home and plop it right in the fancy, dancy tree stand! We can get to decorating without all the hassle.

Our ornament supply was scarce when we returned home from the Dominican four years ago, as we had only kept those ornaments that were special. However, in just four years, we seem to have built up our ornament inventory quite nicely :). The kids get all excited remembering whose ornaments are whose and how we set up this decoration or that. All the while, we have wonderful Christmas music playing (loudly) in the background. I *heart* Christmas music!

Stocking aren’t hung by the chimney… but don’t they look nice on the railing??

<— Joey's year to put the star up!!

The Finished Product – TA-DA!

What are some of your holiday decorating traditions??

Any thoughts??

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