Saw the movie “Blindside” Friday night. STRONGLY recommend it! After the movie, I twittered the fact that I loved it… and wanted to see what other people were saying about it so I did a #blindside search on Twitter.

Then I read this: @billybush (I have no idea who @billybush is, but) said Sandra was amazing. Tim was pitch perfect. Quinto Aaron rookie of the year. #blindside will restore ur faith and keep cynicism at bay.”

Keep cynicism at bay. Bam! And like that, my eyes were opened to something that has been creeping up on my own blindsidecynicism. Where did that come from?

Well, cynicism can sneak up when:

  • You’ve been lied to… makes it hard to trust
  • You’ve had your heart broken… makes it hard to love again
  • You pour your life into someone and they turn their back on you… makes ya’ not want to do it again
  • You’ve been abused… enough said
  • You’ve been promised something again and again and it’s not come through… makes it hard to believe anything
  • You see people spend, spend, spend, but don’t have “enough money” to even tithe to the church or give to a need… well, that just makes ya’ mad
  • You lose a friend… makes ya’ cautious to make new ones
  • You get criticized… makes ya’ want to go under the radar and not rock any boats
  • You see people who claim to be ‘in need’ but have all the latest gizmos/gadgets… makes ya’ not want to help
  • You’re waiting on God for something… makes ya’ feel like it’s never gonna happen
  • You donate money to something/someone and it doesn’t go toward what you intended… makes ya’ not want to give

So, we can leave it at that, – CYNICISM – or we can look at it for what it really is (SIN-A-CISM) and ask God to help us with it. Cynicism has its roots in judging, doubt, discouragement and even anger… If you find yourself blindsided with your own cynicism, like I have, here’s a plan to combat it and be victorious over it.

Confess your sin, ask God to forgive you and clean ya’ all up from your cynical mess (1John 1:9). Next, take a peek into what God’s Word has to say about all that you could be cynical about…

He calls us to give; cheerfully, and abundantly to those in need. If we seek the Lord and give as He leads, then what the person/people do with what has been given is between Him and them. Don’t stop giving!

He calls us to love and forgive. Again, we’re not responsible for others actions/reactions to us, but we are called to love… and to forgive. We’re called to love and not to judge.

He calls us to step out by faith in action. If that brings criticism, When that brings criticism, love ‘em anyways.

Finally, praise Him. Praise always takes the focus off of us, and onto Him. It’s by far the best cure for a cynical heart than anything I could ever think of!

Don’t ya’ love it that the Holy Spirit’s covering our blindside? I’ll take Him over the left tackle any day of the week!


Any thoughts??

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