Relentless Love

Can we ever fully ‘get’ how deep, how wide, how great the Father’s love is for us?? At church – we recently completed a series that is still ROCKIN’ my SOCKS off, “Prodigal God”. This series has us in Luke 15, but not just the Parable of the Lost Son, but also the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin.

I loved when we took a look at how the man would “go after” his lost sheep and the woman would ”search carefully” for her lost coin. Go after. What a picture these parables portray, that Jesus would “go after” each one of us, relentlessly. I love David Crowder’s new song on the “Church Music” CD that goes, “You’re love is relentless and I’m glad for it, I’m glad for it!!’ His love IS relentless!

The antithesis of Jesus’ LOVE, though is the Pharisee’s tendency to (un)righteously judge. See, Jesus accepts sinners ~ we (Christians with Pharisaical tendencies) tend to judge or even categorize sin. Jesus restores sinners ~ we have a hard time restoring people back into the body after repentance. Ouch. Do we forget that we were lost, and He sought after us? We don’t find God – He finds us.

His love trumps our sin. His loves restores us to Himself.

So, processing all that… I’m seeing that:
Love trumps sin.
Love trumps a broken friendship.
Love trumps a strained familial relationship.
Love trumps judgment.
Love trumps annoyances.
Love trumps _________.

What if instead of cutting oneself off from someone, we love them? What if instead of condemning or criticizing someone we love them? What if when treated with unkindness, hate even, we love instead? What if instead of being appalled, irritated or offended by one’s action, we love them?

Revolutionary love. Reactionary love. Relentless love. I’m not there, not by a long-shot – but my eyes are opened – and by His grace, I yearn to grow in this area.

God’s love is relentless, shouldn’t ours be as well?


Any thoughts??

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