Tom-A-to & Tom-AH-to

Kevin and I have different personalities. For example, when I might freak out about something, he remains calm and level-headed. Or, if I get swept away with “to-do’s”, pressures of life etc. he encourages a break, a healthy break. He helps me focus on what’s really important which often isn’t the Math homework, the dirty floors or the perfect meal… HA! I, on the other hand, help him at times focus on his “to-do’s”, get organized and manage his schedule. Or, if he’s swimming in some discouragement, I can bring him some encouragement. It’s cool, really, how it all works. God uses our personalities to compliment and help each other.

The same is true about spiritual gifts. Kevin has unquestionable faith and he’s blessed with the gift of evangelism and leadership. His unwavering faith becomes a pillar of strength when the waves are crashing all around and his leadership is inspiring. I get to do some encouraging along the way, often see things for how they really are (discernment), and again – our gifts compliment each other. God did not make a mistake in bringing us together.

That’s just how it’s supposed to be within the body of Christ. Like stated in Romans 12, God gives us different gifts (and personalities) to bring them to the table (your local church) and put them to use for God’s glory – to build up the body and grow the Kingdom. It backfires, though, when a) we don’t bring those gifts to the table and b) we expect everyone else to do things just like we would. It’s funny. We have a relatively new volunteer in our Kids Ministry. She got things set up in her room, different than how I would do it. She has a different personality, nothing like mine. We have a ‘program’ that we use there, and honestly I was worried about how it was all going to come together. Can I tell you this? She set up her room (not like me) and it was AWESOME! She taught her class (not like me) and it was AMAZING! Her class looked nothing like mine would – and now I say, “Praise the LORD!” She may say “tom-A-to” and I may say “tom-AH-to”, but both tomatoes turned into an amazing salsa!!

God knew what He was doing when he put the warning in there in vs. 3, “not to think of himself more highly than he should think.” Just like I do things one way and the other teacher does things another way, I shouldn’t think that my way is the only way, or the best way. No. Celebrate the diversity of personalities and spiritual gifts that God brings together in the body. He does it to bring balance, to function together as “many parts in one body.”

So, bring ‘em – bring your gifts to the table and enjoy the supernaturally mixed-assortment that God has brought together!


Any thoughts??

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