Shine The Light

Halloween. Love it. Hate it. It’s a hot topic among Christians. One side thinks the other side just has hangups. The other side thinks the other side just doesn’t get it. Personally – I’ve had issues for years with Halloween. I researched the background. I know of people who are a part of Wicca and others who claim to be witches. I know some things that happen STILL today on Halloween – and me no likey…

However, this Halloween season I’ve really been stretched to think – what would Jesus do? Would he avoid the crowds? Would he be OUT amongst all this evil (even though little kiddos in cute costumes isn’t evil, obviously)??? Several scriptures show that Jesus not only went to the demon-possessed or evil, but allowed them to be brought to Him (Matt. 8:16, Mark 5:15). Matt. 5:16 says that we’re not supposed to put our light under a basket and hide it (hide in our basements during trick or treat or at the ‘Fall Festival’ in our churches). Instead, to let our light SHINE and bring glory to Him.

This year, LifePoint participated in the Halloween Parade here in Findlay… some guys from the praise band dressed up and sang the “Cartoon Song” while many dressed up like the cartoon characters named in the song. It was a blast – in fact, we won “best in show”. Not that that matters in the scheme of things, but fun nonetheless. What did participating do? Well, hopefully it showed Findlay that we can still have fun as Christians, that Jesus is worth singing Hallelujah to and maybe, just maybe someone will come to LifePoint and hear s’more about Jesus…

If I stopped there, that would’ve been stretching enough… But, NO! Strangely, I didn’t feel right about staying in and avoiding trick or treat like we have in the past. I know, crazy, right? I mean, I’m all cool with being in a parade, shining His light, doing a ‘trunk or treat’ outreach… but hang out IN the midst of trick or treat? We haven’t done that since Emma was a BaBy! Kevin and I discussed all week if we would hang around at home this year. In fact, we didn’t decide until Thursday afternoon that we would do it (Thursday night!). It’s a hot topic in the blogosphere – like here and here. Then I read “Jesus With His Lights Turned Off on Halloween.” I just can’t get it out of my head that Jesus wants me to shine His light… even from my front porch. We live in a neighborhood with a LOT of kiddos – a lot of families to share His light with. So we did. On one hand, it wasn’t all that… I thought there would be a lot more kiddos than we had – but on the other hand, it was fun to see the kiddos, smile, give them candy (YUM!) and hopefully make some connections with people we wouldn’t have otherwise met.

My kiddos – well they were shocked and excited, and they had a great time!!

Halloween isn’t the only hot topic out there. There’s plenty of other issues… All things that each person must seek God’s direction for and come to a decision based on His leading. I’m not saying that if you choose not to participate in Halloween festivities it’s a hang up for you. I certainly wrestled (wrestle) with it long enough and did what I felt was right at the time year after year (this year included). One thing to be sure, don’t be quick to judge the other side. Just because someone doesn’t celebrate Halloween doesn’t mean they’re legalistic or narrow-minded. And just because someone does participate doesn’t mean they’re living in all kinds of evil. Be lovers, not haters :).

Feel free to share your thoughts on the matter – but remember – no haters!! Like Veronica mentioned at Clutchtalk, “The Bible teaches us to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.” I don’t know what we’ll do next year. I never thought God would lead me to be doing what we’re doing this year… Guess it’s all part of the “working it out” – it’s a process.

PS – Kevin is performing a wedding tonight – so that’s how we’ll be spending Halloween. How cool is that?


Any thoughts??

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