What if… (The Dad)

What if there was a Daddy that would love you in your foolishness as well as in your self-righteousness? What if, even though all you did was live for yourself and do (or not do) anything you felt like, there was a Daddy waiting with open arms? What if your so stuck on yourself and everything you do right, that same Daddy offered ALL HE HAS to you? No matter how STINKY we become, He’s running to us.

When we read through the parables in Luke 15, we see that when the little sheep was LOST, he left everything else to “GO AFTER” the one that was lost. When the coin was missing, the woman turned on the lights, searched, and swept until she found it. Just like that, in our lostness – We don’t find God – He finds us. I love that in verse 4 where it says he dropped all to go after the one that was lost. What things do you go after? What goals do you set? What things do you pursue? Man, when I want something in life, I go after it with all I’ve got!!

God – well, He goes after us!

No matter if we’re stinky because of foolishness or self-righteousness – the Father is coming after you, and me – running – with a love so great we can’t even fathom! 1st to become His child, then continually He is pursuing us and drawing us to be close to Him.

What a ‘hallelujah’ picture!!


Any thoughts??

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