What if??? (The Foolish Son)

What if we did decided what it is we would do or wouldn’t do each day based on if we felt like it?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always (for some of these, ever) feel like:

waking up early
doing the dishes
teaching the kiddos
paying the bills
eating healthy
reading my Bible
submitting to my hubby
going to the Dr.
flossing my teeth
doing laundry
being nice

The 1st brother in Luke 15, did just that. He took his share of the inheritance and took off… “in foolish living.”

That’s what would happen if we took on this attitude. We’d be foolish. It would be foolish to never brush my teeth – I’d have stinky breath and all my teeth would fall out (thus keeping me from eating more unhealthy food). It would be foolish to never do the dishes – the kitchen would smell, mold and other grossies would grow, and we wouldn’t have plates or bowls ready (for the unhealthy food that we feel like eating.) It would be foolish to never wash our clothes – we’d be stinky (hmmmm, are we seeing a theme here?), dirty and they’d get worn out.

Have you ever just wanted to live for yourself, do what you feel like? I know I have.

The 1st brother was foolish and where did it get him? Stinky.

Part Two Tomorrow…


Any thoughts??

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